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Ransomware Protection For Your Business

What would you do if you were hit by Ransomware, or CryptoLocker today? Are you prepared?

NewCloud Offers you all the protection you need!

If your business got hit by Ransomware today, would you be prepared? If your answer was anything, but, "I don't have to worry, I have a plan in place" then you should start preparing today. NewCloud has the ability to provide your business with all of your cyber-security needs, you just need to let us know you're interested. Let us show you how to integrate the four main tools into your business, to ensure your business is protected from Ransomware.

NewCloud will provide you with the tools you need to protect yourself from Ransomware, including: 

  • Email Security
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
  • Backup 
  • Firewall