Hurricanes are one of nature's most powerful and destructive forces. They can wipe out power, destroy buildings, and prevent access to resources for days to weeks. Hurricanes frequently cause businesses downtime that creates risk for permanently going out of business. For many organizations, disaster recovery planning can be expensive. With cloud-based disaster recovery; however, businesses can build affordable, trustworthy disaster recovery plans needed for proper hurricane preparedness. Join Veeam and NewCloud for a Hurricane Preparedness Webinar where we will discuss: 

  • What you need to protect your business from a disaster 
  • Why a cloud recovery strategy is ideal for natural disaster recovery 
  • How NewCloud and Veeam can work to keep your business online during and after a disaster. 
  •  And More!


McCoy_Brandon_2 SLI 

Brandon McCoy - Veeam

Cloud Systems Engineer

Sydney Diedrich - NewCloud

Marketing Manager

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