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Vulnerability Assessment

Is your business at risk?

How secure is your business? Now, more than ever, understanding the threats that face your company is critical to the preservation of your business processess. With cyber-attacks growing in sophistication, implementing effective security parameters for your data has never been more of a challenge. With this free vulnerability assessment, NewCloud Networks can help you understand the areas of your business, which are susceptible to outside threats. 


A vulnerability assessment is a process that helps you define, and identify any vulnerabilities in your computer, network, or communications infrastructure.

Why do you need one?

Completing a vulnerability assessment will help you understand the security holes that lie within your environment. Once diagnosed, countermeasures can be implemented and evaluated after employed.

Common avoidable security holes:

  • Data loss
  • Downtime
  • Malicious software attacks
  • Missing patches
  • Dangerous services